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Jade Plant

Jade Plant

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Product Information:

  • Common Name: Jade Plant
  • Plant Type: Succulent
  • Plant Placement: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Planter Type: Comes in a 4-inch plastic pot
  • Maximum Reachable Height: Can grow up to 36 inches
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy to cultivate, making it an ideal choice for all plant enthusiasts
  • Light Care Instruction: Thrives in bright indirect light
  • Soil Type: Flourishes in well-drained, well-aerated, and porous potting mix
  • Watering: Water every other day, either in the morning or evening
  • Application of Fertilizer: Apply organic fertilizer once a month
  • Flower: May produce delicate pink or white flowers
  • Repotting: Periodically repot using fresh potting soil and fertilizer

Care Instructions:

  • Place the plant in medium-light areas, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Natural light is best, but some varieties can adapt to office fluorescent lighting.
  • Maintain consistently moist soil without overwatering.
  • Prevent the plant from standing in water.
  • Limit excessive wetting of plant leaves.
  • In the case of flowering plants, a light mist of water may be beneficial.

When it comes to selecting the perfect plant gift for your loved ones, consider the low-maintenance Jade plant. This thoughtful gift will be cherished and remembered by the recipient. Place your order now!

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