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Exquisite Gift Basket

Exquisite Gift Basket

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Description: This opulent gift basket is a grand celebration in a beautifully crafted package, designed especially for your loved one. Unveil a world of delightful treats within its sophisticated confines, including a bottle of almond cranberry granola, a pouch of salted cashews, and a bottle of enticing masala nuts. Delve into a realm of sweetness with almond fingers, cranberry dragees, almond chocolate florentines, and almond brittles. Savor the richness of a roasted almond chocolate bar, a variety of flavored assorted chocolates, and more. To infuse a touch of tradition, the basket includes two diyas and a lovely toran.

Product Details:

  • Almond Cranberry Granola Bottle: 150 gms
  • Salted Cashews Pouch: 80 gms
  • Almond Fingers: 2
  • Masala Nuts Bottle: 110 gms
  • Cranberry Dragees: 60 gms
  • Almond Chocolate Florentines: 2
  • Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar: 1
  • Almond Brittles: 2
  • 12 Assorted Chocolates: Roasted almond, fruit and nut, cranberry, butterscotch, oreo, orange crisp
  • Almond Chocolate Rocks: 12
  • Diya: 2
  • Toran: 1
  • Like
  • Returnable If Damaged
  • Sameday
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