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Café Comfort Gift Ensemble

Café Comfort Gift Ensemble

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Treat yourself to a delightful cup of goodness with The Gourmet Box! This tea and coffee gift set simplifies the art of brewing, whether it's a post-dinner indulgence or a comforting start to your day. Experience warmth and satisfaction with this gourmet ensemble, complete with a charming kulhad-style mug for your tea and coffee cravings.

Ideal for: Small gatherings, appreciating a colleague or employee, or pampering a loved one who deserves relaxation. Perfect for those who cherish their evening beverage and snack.

This coffee gift set includes:

- Flavored Instant Coffee
- Reusable Kulhad-Style Mug
- Health Bar

The contents are elegantly presented in a carefully arranged box, adorned with colorful paper fillers and a personalized gift tag.

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